Questions & Answers

Why do You do it only for Chrome?!


I just do everything in Chrome, so I'm not really planning to check that on other browsers.

Many people already asked Why do You do it only for Chrome?!.

I don't do it because of "chrome is the best" or anything like that, I just use that browser 98% of time and that's just it. As a single person working over 2 years on this project it's just impossible to focus on every aspect, You need to make priorities.

Do You plan to add docker image?


Docker image is already there - the problem is that I only tested docker few times long ago, and I've never built my own configuration, therefore right now I don't even know how to maintain that configuration. The configuration has been provided by one of the contributors.

Why is this free?


First of all, some people told me already that I could maybe make a product from this - but I don't see any reason in this as this is a tool targeted to single person, second is that if You sell something then You are bound/responsible for it and I don't have time for that. I've built this initially for myself and since it works, does what it should to, I decided to simply share with it.

How long did You worked on it?


Pretty much like over 2 years. Day after day, weekend after weekend.

Do You plan to support this project?


Yes and, also no. The thing is that the project is pretty much doing all I need. I've reached the point where I got in it just all I want. Naturally like always I got a lot of ideas for this project however I will only implement the things that I really need to have, need to fix or update.

Are there any issues/bugs in the project?


No... well... maybe ...Sound of Exception in the background ok yes. I reduced all the errors/bugs to the minimum because as I wrote, I use this project on my own. I don't want one day to see my data being, gone due to some bug. Naturally bugs are always there sometimes we just don't know about them.

The most important thing to understand is that the project is stable , and ready to be used the way it should be used, which means that if there is a date field, then why trying to insert the string, or javascript call in the input, why destroying Your very own instance of manager?