The requirements vary between modes. The Production mode is the one where You use the application like the end product, without any modifications being done to application. Development mode is the one where the changes in code are being implemented, so it's required to have additional tools to work with.

Production mode

  • Php7.4.x,
  • MySQL (eventually MariaDB),

Development mode

  • Php7.4.x,
  • MySQL (eventually MariaDB),
  • Composer,
  • Npm,
  • NodeJs (10.22.1),

It's very important to use strictly given NodeJs version. There were already few reports that after JS recompilation the project started to act strange. After further analyse it came out that this was caused due to using the latest available Node.


By default the application is being used in Linux environment.

Everything works fine with Ubuntu 18.x and Ubuntu 20.x.

There should be no Problems with using this web application on Windows with usage of Xampp or Wampp, however this was tested only on one of the early releases, thus it's recommended to run it on Linux. As this was not tested so far, this application is intended to be ran on RasperryPi (which is also running on Linux) in a local network and because of this some technical solution are impossible/don't make sens to be implemented (like for example php7.4 preloading).