Development mode

This section covers the information about working with the project in the development mode


Keep in mind that development mode is way much slower than production mode, and it won't be optimized, it's nearly impossible. The project in use should never, ever run in the development mode due to efficiency limitation and security reasons.

Local server

  • First of all just like in the production mode the local server must keep running



During installation of the packages there will be tones of information about deprecations. The packages will be updated at some point, but due to the scale of the project, planned changes and so on - its impossible to maintain everything. Updating the js packages will cause a lot of issues and will enforcea lott of testing, that's why so far the main goal was to achieve working, stable project.

  • At this step You require Node and Npm which are mentioned in the Installation section
    • npm update
    • npm install -g --unsafe-perm
    • npm i node-sass -g --unsafe-perm
    • nodejs node_modules/node-sass/scripts/install.js
    • npm rebuild node-sass

You might need to change project folder permissions and groups after that but there shouldn't be any problem


Given npm commands should work without any problems, but in case of installation problems call the commands as sudo, and with this 2 parameters --unsafe-perm=true, --allow-root

Webpack Encore Watcher

Symfony ships with a pure-JavaScript library - called Webpack Encore - that makes working with CSS and JavaScript a joy. You can use it, use something else, or create static CSS and JS files in your public/ directory directly and include them in your templates. Read more here

Follow this steps:

  • Open cli in the root of Your project
  • Run this command ./node_modules/.bin/encore dev --watch
    • Keep the watcher running (simply - don't close the console tab, or just make it run in background)

For the production mode You want to use the compressed/minified js/css (keep in mind that it might take even 1min+ to compile the bundles). Run this command in root of project: ./node_modules/.bin/encore production


It's important to mention that using webpack has at least one downfall which is the problem to implement some existing plugins. The very simple example from this project is that it took literally hours just adding and activating the TinyMCE.

Project environment

Follow this steps:

  • open the .env file
    • set APP_ENV=dev
    • set APP_DEBUG=1
  • rebuild the cache by calling this 2 commands:
    • bin/console cache:clear
    • bin/console cache:warmup