Content re/loading

Page content

There are 2 ways that the navigation works:

  • via ajx,
  • via full page load (standard request),

The difference is that when navigating inside the project the content of the page is being loaded in the central container:

<section class="twig-body-section">
{% block body %}{% endblock %}

while the full page load is the standard navigation support. This is also required as for example user might want to open given page in new tab so entire content of the page must be loaded, not only the central container.

Now how does this work?


Each action has one action which returns the content of the visited page:

* @Route("/my-notes/settings", name="my-notes-settings")
* @param Request $request
* @return Response
* @throws DBALException
public function display(Request $request) {
$json_response = $this->submitForm($request);
if (!$request->isXmlHttpRequest()) {
return $this->renderTemplate(false);
$message = $json_response->getContent();
$code = $json_response->getStatusCode();
$template_content = $this->renderTemplate(true)->getContent();
return AjaxResponse::buildJsonResponseForAjaxCall($code, $message, $template_content);

Then there is additional method which renders the template:

private function renderTemplate(bool $ajax_render = false, bool $skip_rewriting_twig_vars_to_js = false) {
  • $ajax_render is responsible for deciding wether we are only reloading the container content or we are loading full page,
  • $skip_rewriting_twig_vars_to_js is additional special variable used in case of handling actions such like update.

Templates are passing information about currently visited route to the JS and sometimes there is a need to skip rewriting such variables. This is particullary needed when we modify a record via update. In most of the cases the container is just fully reloaded with template containing new state of current page - such reloading rely on the variables passed in the template.



There are 2 main/base templates of all the pages (this does not include dialogs):

  • templates/base.html.twig
  • templates/blank.html.twig

Every page is extending from one of these templates, and the mentioned backend $ajax_render variable is responsible for deciding which template is being extended:

{% if ajax_render == false %}
{% set template= "base.html.twig" %}
{% else %}
{% set template= "blank.html.twig" %}
{% endif %}
{% extends template %}
  • base.html.twig - used when reloading content via ajax,
  • templates/base.html.twig - used when loading content via standard request


Reloading page content is mostly handled by 2 methods:

  • AjaxEvents::loadModuleContentByUrl() - the result of called url must be an AjaxResponse with template param being set,
  • Ui::insertIntoMainContent() - inserts the content directly into the main container,

For example ajax calls for actions use directly Ui::insertIntoMainContent() since AjaxResponse is a global response sent upon calling via ajax.


Project supports also reloading single menu nodes, however this is implemented only for example in Files/Images and is triggered upon creating new directory.


  • src/assets/scripts/core/ajax/Ajax.tsAjax::singleMenuNodeReload()


  • menu nodes are defined in templates/page-elements/components/sidebar/menu-nodes,
  • each reloadable menu node must have:
    • class: sidebar-menu-node-element
    • data attribute: data-menu-node-name

Each menu node must be defined in separated file. The value of data-menu-node-name must be a constant defined in : src/Action/System/AppAction.php.


Each new module node must be also added as constant in src/Action/System/AppAction.php, additionally 2 arrays must be updated with new node: MENU_NODE_MODULES_NAMES_INTO_CONST_NAMES and MENU_NODES_MODULES_NAMES_TO_TEMPLATES_MAP


Each entry in MENU_NODES_MODULES_NAMES_TO_TEMPLATES_MAP represents a twig template, so it's required that menu node template has exactly the same name as in the patter. For example MENU_NODE_MODULE_NAME_MY_FILES equals to path: page-elements/components/sidebar/menu-nodes/my-files.twig

General information


Most of the ajax calls are handled by src/assets/scripts/core/ui/Actions and src/assets/scripts/core/ajax.