Adding menu element

This section contains general information regarding adding the new menu elements

Sidebar menu

Sidebar menu templates can be found in: templates/page-elements/components/sidebar.

Start with creating new menu node in: templates/page-elements/components/sidebar/menu-nodes/


For better structure organization, keep the menu nodes the same as the added module or functionality.

Now take a look on this example as there are few elements that do matter here due to the automated logic:

<li class="nav-item dropdown {{ keepMenuOpen(currUrl, '', 'my-notes') }} sidebar-menu-node-element" data-menu-node-name="{{ MENU_NODE_MODULE_NAME_NOTES }}">
<a class="sidebar-link left-nav-link" href="javascript:void(0);">
<span class="icon-holder" style="color:violet;">
<i class="fas fa-book fa-sm"></i>
<span class="title">{{ '' | trans }}</span>
  • data-menu-node-name and class sidebar-menu-node-element - it's not required but this is prepared to reload single menu node and works so far just for few modules
  • {{ keepMenuOpen(currUrl, '', 'my-notes') }} - is used to keep the nested menu constantly open

Constants such as MENU_NODE_MODULE_NAME_NOTES are defined in src/Action/System/AppAction.php, Twig vars are defined in templates/page-elements/components/sidebar/menu.twig

Now add the new menu node in templates/page-elements/components/sidebar/menu.twig

Top menu

Top menu logic is defined in templates/page-elements/components/sidebar/menu.twig, and the components are equivalents of the menu nodes in sidebar. There is no special logic regarding top menu.